Sig Sauer Academy Aiming for Zero


Match fee $95

Setup May 17, match Fri, May 18, Sat May 19 Sun May 20

SIG Targets

IDPA Scoring: if the hole breaks the line, the better score counts.

Each point down is .5 sec

Miss= 3 sec

Failure To Neutralize: N/A

Failure to Do Right 20 sec.

Foot Fault= 3 sec per shot

Reactive Steel: steel must fall to score.

Static Steel: Any hit scores.

Prizes/trophies will be awarded via the Lewis Scoring System ie; top third, middle third and bottom third of shooters in each division.



3 divisions. Iron Sights (fiber optic, night sights are ok) Any IDPA or USPSA Production/Limited legal firearm. Optic/Open, any gun that complies with USPSA Open rules and PCC. . Minimum Caliber 9mm. Magazines limited to 10 rounds (PPC to 30).

Holsters. Any IDPA or USPSA Production legal.

Mags/Mag Holder. As many as you wish any style holder.

Belts. Any


Reloads: Any type, any time, anywhere.

Power factor: NONE, you will need to knock down the steel

Non Threats; unlimited number. 5 sec per hit.

Safe Table, per IDPA rules

Muzzle safe points; 180

Cold Range

IDPA Range commands

Mags loaded to 10 rounds(PPC 30), plus one in the chamber

Concealment, N/A



this shall be a match governed by civility and sportsmanship. Abusive language or behavior will be grounds for immediate match DQ and forfeiture of match fees.


Safety will be governed by stage and range requirements. Each stage will contain a briefing on any relevant concerns. Match director will verify all DQ's.